Starting in 1995, the X-treme Jesus Crew (XJC) Bible study for kids was a regular part of community life for 16 years.  From it, Rebuilding the Wall was born in 2001.  However after 16 years, we found ourselves in a bit of a rut and decided to lay XJC down to see what God had next.   The neat thing is families who own a home and no longer have to wonder if homelessness is around the corner have more time to spend with each other.  The more time we spend with each other in natural community, the more we are able to build into our own children’s lives and the children of our neighbors.  We encourage families to keep loving on their own children and any kids who naturally occur in their lives –like the kid next door or their children’s friends.  So we may have an extra kid at our table or in the car on the way to the park.  As we do that, we will continue influencing the lives of kids for years to come.  And of course, we will continue our partnership with Camp Tecumseh YMCA who generously provides us scholarships to send our kids to camp each summer.


Recently, God has opened up an avenue of partnership with Pastor James Anyike of Scott United Methodist Church, Popular Truth Publishing & Midtown Writers.  Renting space from us where we formally held X-treme Jesus Crew, they renamed it “The Ujima House,”  which means collective work and responsibility. They provide Poetry Workshops, Writing Workshops, Chess Club, Book Club, Bible Studies, and Movies with a Message.


We always can use donations of gift cards for food to use for various events with youth and families. 
To find out our current needs for stuff or volunteers, email

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