RtW Construction


For RtW to continue to address the needs of affordable housing and employment, virtuous cycles must be created within our community.   Social enterprise is the engine that creates such cycles. RtW will strengthen the economy of our neighborhood by being a catalyst.   By cultivating neighbors’ talents and skills to meet the needs of the community, we create jobs and generate revenue.  The dignity that comes from working in a non-hierarchical environment is transforming.  As each neighbor is recognized as an equal creation of God and empowered to put their gifts to work, both the individual and the community is transformed.   Donors and foundations become investors in creating small virtuous economies that help the neighborhood grow and flourish.  While our goal is to become self-supporting, the transition from charity to social enterprise takes time and investment.


Remaining a non-profit, we are utilizing our 11-year reputation of rebuilding affordable housing to make this transition.  Last fall, we became an insured, bonded and licensed contractor.  We as neighbors are utilizing our construction skills and expertise to provide quality affordable home repair to neighbors and other customers while earning income to support our own families. 


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