Homeownership Opportunity

  • Affordable Opportunity
  • 100% Rehabilitated Construction
  • Cohesive Urban Neighborhood


Our Homeownership Opportunity makes homes affordable to very low and low income families.  We rehab vacant and abandoned homes over an extended 24-36 month timeline which allows us to leverage the impact of up to 2,000 volunteers per year.  Our Construction Crew, reduced cost professional labor, discounted and free materials, grants, and donations allow us to sell homes below market rate.




Our community is our home and the population we serve are our neighbors. RtW is not a typical “housing or job training agency” — though jobs and housing are visible products of our work. We are a community of people – of neighbors- who love and care for each other.  We create housing and job opportunities because we want our neighbors to be able to develop and maintain assets in the context of a loving and cohesive community.







There is warmth to our community and an extensive network of neighborhood relationships. As neighbors, we rely on each other for mutual support.  We help each other through hard economic times. We share our food, our lawnmowers, our cars, and our tools. We celebrate birthdays and graduations together.  We have vigils when tragedy strikes; we testify to character and community in court; we visit friends in jail and celebrate when they come home.  We are weaving a tapestry of interdependence as we rebuild our community together.






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