What We Do

  • Stabilize Low Income Families
  • Combat Social Injustice
  • Community Stabilization


Who We Are

Rebuilding the Wall, Inc. (RtW) stabilizes low-income families by providing the opportunity for homeownership through the renovation of vacant inner city properties. We combat social injustice by building relationships across racial and socio-economic barriers; and we stabilize the community by recycling resources within our Indianapolis neighborhood. 


Our boundaries are:  South to 22nd Street,  North to Fall Creek Waterway, East to Ralston Avenue, and West to College Avenue.


Founded in 2001 by community residents, 100% of our board and 100% of our core staff are
neighbors.  We are committed to “doing with” rather than “doing to” the community. 

Though faith-based, we do not make religious requirements.  RtW is striving towards a non-hierarchical
culture where all are valued and empowered to contribute to the whole.   We are an interdependent community of people living and working together.


RtW is an interwoven fabric of opportunities helping families with small incomes achieve homeownership while creating jobs for persons with barriers to employment.







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